Friday, February 11, 2022

Chicken & Veggie Enchiladas

Chicken & Veggie Enchiladas
I ❤️ Mexican food and am always up for trying a new enchilada recipe. These Chicken & Veggie Enchiladas are a definite keeper for me. I love the addition of the extra veggies to lighten up the dish a bit.

This enchilada recipe did take a bit longer for me to make but that was because I didn’t have any leftover, precooked chicken. If I were to make this again, I’d add it to the menu when I had some leftover chicken to use or maybe after buying a yummy Costco rotisserie chicken. That would definitely be a time saver.

To save time on chopping the zucchini, I used my veggie chopper. Such a handy tool for saving some serious time on food prep. This chopper comes with three different sized chopping plates so it can be used for prepping a variety of foods.

One other thing to note…this dish, as I made it, was not pretty…but it could be (thank goodness it tasted delicious, I guess looks can be deceiving :)). I have yet to find a white corn tortilla that I love that holds up. I warmed them but they were still breaking…ugh! My family prefers white corn so if anyone has a favorite brand, please pass it on. I need help in this department!

Substitutions/Additions for Chicken & Veggie Enchiladas:

  • decreased oil to 1 tablespoon and used avocado instead of canola oil
  • didn’t have yellow squash so used 3 cups of zucchini instead of 1 1/2
  • only used chicken breast instead of breast and thigh combo
  • used a combo of sharp cheddar and mozzarella cheese instead of Monterey Jack

Tips for making Chicken & Veggie Enchiladas:

  • Be sure you have a pan that is broiler safe…I realized I didn’t so ended up using a jelly roll baking pan. Not ideal but it worked!

RECIPE: 25 Minute Chicken & Veggie Enchiladas

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Effort: Quick & Easy

Time: 25 minutes

Kids Comments: Really Good!

Make it Again: Yes…love the addition of the veggies 🙂