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Monday, January 17, 2022

My Favs

Here are a few of my favorite things…Enjoy!

Air Fryer

17 quart Air Fryer and Dehydrator

I know there’s a lot of hype about air fryers. I bought my first one back in 2016. My family quickly outgrew it…I couldn’t fit enough in the basket for a full meal. When my toaster broke, instead of replacing that, I opted to purchase this larger, upgraded air fryer to use as a toaster, air fryer, and dehydrator. Arguably one of the best decisions of my life! I use this for EVERYTHING! One of my fav recipes…core a few apples and slice using a mandolin. Lay slices on the trays (you get 5!) and cook for 1 hour at 215 degrees. That’s it! When you take them out, you have delicious, crunchy apple chips. Addicting…that’s for sure…and no added sugars or oil, just apples 🍎

Bag Clips

Oh my goodness! What did I ever do without these?!?! Time to ditch all of those plastic twist ties. Once we open any kind of bag in the kitchen, the plastic twist tie is tossed and replaced with this fancy contraption. I absolutely LOVE them!

Potato Masher

I think I’ve used it once to mash potatoes…but I use it all the time to brown ground meats. It breaks the meat up perfectly with little effort. A welcome addition to my kitchen tools!

Mini Utensils

These silicone mini utensils are wonderful! The perfect size for a small job. I no longer have my full size whisk falling out of a little prep bowl as I’m whisking together ingredients. Mine were an Aldi find but these ones on Amazon are quite similar.

Mini Crock Pot Warmer

This is a truly amazing little appliance! If you’re craving a warm lunch without the microwave line or trip to the teachers lounge, this is for you. I plug mine in an hour before my lunch and when I sit down to eat, I have a warm meal. It’s the little things 🙂