About Me

Taking this crazy adventure we call life one day at a time. I’m a mom and a teacher…that pretty much sums up my life! I feel like I could stop there 🙂

I enjoy cooking (and EATING) but it wasn’t always a love. I used to prefer go out to dinner and ordering in take out but now I prefer to be in the kitchen in control of what I am eating and serving my kids. We do have “take out 20th” in our house once a month where we either order in or head out to try a new restaurant. Most other evenings, you’ll find me in the kitchen cooking dinner. Well, maybe not every night. We do have leftovers some nights but for the most part, I’m in my happy place every night when making dinner.

I love trying new recipes. I typically stick to quick and easy recipes but will attempt a more complicated recipe or time consuming one on a weekend if I have a little more time. I’d also say that I tend to cook on the healthier side. I have never fried anything in my life! I’ll eat fried food…sometimes…but I haven’t ever ventured out to try frying food myself. I don’t create many recipes myself but instead gather them from various sources to add to our dinner menu. There are times where I follow recipes exactly as written and other times that I make healthier swamps or substitutions.

This blog was started to not only share recipe reviews but to share other thoughts and insights about life, motherhood, and everyday adventures both big and small. Sit back, put your feet up, get comfy and let’s learn to appreciate the little things in life together as I share my passion about food, creativity, hard word, teaching and family with you.