Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The BEST Dry Erase Erasers

I know you feel my pain! We use our dry erase boards ALL THE TIME which means we also use our dry erase erasers and markers quite frequently. Don’t even get me started about the markers. Seriously, they dry out way too quickly. Yes, some of that is operator error on the students part but some just get so light that I can’t even read what my students have written.

To make the situation worse, the markers don’t erase well…and that’s if the students actually have an eraser left to use that isn’t so full of ink that it smears more than it erases. Ugh! The erasers are gross…and they get gross quick. I was on a hunt for the BEST dry erase erasers.

Yes, I could continually buy more erasers to restock throughout the year. Out with the old and gross, in with the new. But…not exactly in my budget and it doesn’t solve the problem.

Then I had the genius idea to find an eraser that I could wash. So…I brought in my kids old socks (washed first :)). Worked better and they could be washed (BONUS!) but they still looked dirty even right after they came out of the wash.

Thinking my dilemma would never end, I almost gave up my search for the best dry erase eraser but then I stumbled upon the answer I’d been looking for. I finally found the PERFECT ERASERS for my dry erase boards.

The perfect erasers are actually makeup remover pads. But not just any pads, these are BLACK! You can wash them over and over so you know they are clean. And…they look clean too because they are black!

This might be one of my smartest purchases as a teacher. I give one to each of my students at the start of the year and have extras in all the areas where I would reach for one to use myself. I originally bought 2 sets (they come in packs of 24) and 4 years later, they are still going strong.

They are extremely durable and they erase wonderfully. If you’re feeling the dry eraser blues, give these a try. They’ll brighten your day and your grimy whiteboards 🙂