Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Sourdough Blueberry Mini Muffins

Sourdough Blueberry Mini Muffins

Kenxie tackled these Sourdough Blueberry Mini Muffins by herself. We usually only get one sourdough recipe a week out of our sourdough starter but this week we had a bit more leftover so…our tummies benefited 🙂

Substitutions/Additions for Sourdough Blueberry Mini Muffins:

  • substituted unsweetened applesauce for the vegetable oil
  • used closer to 1/2 cup sourdough discard instead of 1/4…better that than throw it away

Tips for making Sourdough Blueberry Mini Muffins:

  • The first thing you will need for this recipe is sourdough discard. I have a jar of sourdough starter that lives in my fridge (thank you Janinne). If you don’t have any YET, follow the directions here to make your own. Each week I take it out, make a new recipe, feed it, and put it back in the fridge to grow. We have “Sourdough Saturdays” so I remember to make a recipe using the discard each week 🙂
  • Use a silicone mini muffin pan and eliminate the need to oil your pan! I LOVE my Trudeau Silicone Mini Muffins Pans. I think I have just about every silicons pan that Trudeau makes 🙂 I had some random silicone baking pans prior but got rid of all of them once I started using Trudeau…I’ll never go back. I’ve never had issues with anything sticking to them and love that I no long have to grease a pan prior to using it. Just be sure that you keep sharp knives away from them 😬 Check out the video below to see how easy Kenxie is able to pop these muffins out of the Trudeau pans.

RECIPE: Sourdough Blueberry Mini Muffins

Rating: 4 out of 5

Effort: Quick and Easy

Time: 25 minutes

Kids Comments: The entire batch is gone in less than 48 hours…they inhaled them!

Make it Again: Yes…we’ve already made them multiple times!