Friday, February 25, 2022

$250 Cookie Recipe

$250 Cookies
I wanted to love this $250 Cookie Recipe. I was hoping these cookies would live up their name but I was left underwhelmed. They were just another cookie…not bad just ok. Nothing I’m left craving more of. When it comes to cookies, I want them to be worth the extra calories not just an ok dessert. That being said, I’m glad we tried these $250 Cookies at least once. Just to say that we gave it a go 🙂

This isn’t a difficult recipe to make but it does take some effort. You’ll need to grind up the oats before you add them to your dry ingredients. Rather than using my food processor for this smaller task, we used my Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus instead. We were able to quickly grind the oats and then add in the chocolate bars as well. It was a quick and easy process.

Since I buy the monster bag of chocolate chips from Costco (we go through a TON of chocolate chips at our house), we needed to weigh out the chips. We used my digital scale to do so. I bought the scale a few years ago and find myself using it fairly often. This particular scale links to select food tracking apps as well so if you track your food intake, it makes the process a bit easier.

For this recipe, we also needed chopped nuts. To chop the nuts, the girls used our food chopper. Quick, easy, and fun for them to use independently.

  • none…followed the recipe exactly to see if they were as good as they were supposed to be
  • Halve the recipe! It still makes a lot and then if you’re not 100% in love with them, you haven’t burned through all of the butter in your house 🙂
  • Add the chocolate bar to the food processor instead of using a microplane…one less gadget to wash when you’re done.

RECIPE: The $250 Cookie Recipe

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Effort: Moderate

Time: 45 minutes

Kids Comments: Pretty good but not as good as Lexie’s cookies!

Make it Again: Probably not…glad we tried them once but they were just another cookie for us.