Sunday, January 23, 2022

Teacher Tricks- DIY Containers

DIY Containers
Are you ready to switch up your theme in your classroom or just in need of some additional storage containers? These DIY containers are today’s Teacher Trick. These are the storage solution you’ve been looking for in your classroom.

In my classroom, I like everything to have a place. If not, it winds up on the floor! I can’t tell you how many pencils find their way to the floor and go unclaimed each day! To help combat this problem, I try to provide storage solutions for my students so that all materials have a designated place.

To purchase all of the containers needed to accomplish this, I could go out to the teacher store but it’s going to cost me…A LOT! Seriously, why are containers so expensive! Now I save the trip, and save the money too.

I’ve started to use cans as containers. I’m already buying them and using the food inside so I may as well clean out the containers, keep them, and reuse them in the classroom.

The only investment you have to make is to purchase a smooth edge can opener. I have the OXO smooth edge can opener. Once you have that, you’ll never look back…or return to the container aisle in the teacher store again. You’ll be on your way to an unlimited supply of containers for your classroom for years to come.